Local workforce recruitment
long term staff retention.

A simple effective software to share your available sessions with your local network of trusted clinicians. Build continuity for your practice and reliable care for your patients with your private digital staffing solution.


Private cloud based bank

Connect to local clinicians. Smart calendar sharing allows you to sync your available sessions for short or long term cover with local staff. Instantly connect with your local workforce 24/7.

Reduce cumbersome admin in busy practices

Streamline your admin with electronic online governance, invoice and pension processing. Never miss payments or forms again with instant reporting.

Future proof your workforce needs

Build your local workforce to increase practice resilience. Establish long term relationships with your local clinicians. Gain continuity and reliable regular care for your patients.

A locum management platform that works for you and your local clinicians.

For Clinicians

Conveniently connect with all your local practices Build local knowledge and clinical continuity Develop a regular bank of practices Maintain your autonomy and work on your own terms Automate invoice, pension and tax in one place Get support every step of the way

For the Practice

Build and organise your local workforce for reliable, regular cover. Ease governance and invoice and pension administration whilst maintaining autonomy. Develop practice resilience by increasing your local clinician pool.

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